Research grant for projects in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean

The board of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul hereby announces a smaller grant of 12000 SEK for the fall term of 2019.

The grant is awarded to scholars in human sciences with research focus on Istanbul, Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean or culturally, historically or religiously affiliated areas. (For linguistic studies there is a separate grant announcement in Turkology or Turkish languages.) It is open to Nordic applicants, or applicants affiliated to Nordic universities. They should be Master students (or merit themselves as such), PhD students or PhD holders. Special attention is given to junior applicants and people that have not previously received the grant. For those that have already received the grant, the results of their previous stay at the institute will be considered together with the application.

The grant should cover costs for travels to Turkey and a stay of at least one month at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul during the fall semester of 2019. Grant holders staying in Istanbul are provided with a guest room, free of cost, at the institute, located within the compound of the Swedish consulate general in Istanbul. The grant holder is expected to participate in daily activities at the institute, present his or her research at one of the seminars arranged by the institute and deliver a brief report of the stay, in the form of a personal presentation in the institute bulletin, at the end of the semester. The grant must be used during the specified period of time and will otherwise be refunded.

The application should include a research proposal (2-3 pages), a CV and a publication list. The proposal must show a clear objective to spend the fellowship period in Istanbul. It should further specify the intended period of stay and special needs at the institute. If the applicant has also applied for or received funding from other sources for the same proposal, this should be stated. Applications from students or PhD students should also be provided with a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

The application should be sent as one file (word or pdf), addressed to the board of the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, under the e-mail before March 31, 2019.Incomplete applications will not be considered for grants.

Grant holders will be informed in late April. Further inquiries should be directed to the secretary of the board, Dr Ragnar Hedlund (