How we work?

We can collect RWİstanbul’s activities under 3 main titles

Research: Conducting scientific research single-handedly or in collaboration with other academic institutions in many fields of Academy under the heading of Human rights; publishing research outcomes; contributing to strengthen the research capacity of the partner academic institutions and developing relevant methodology; creating national and international research network and participating in such networks or encouraging partner academic institutions to participate in such networks

Training: Increasing the quality of human rights education in the Academy and improving the curriculum in this field; developing education materials; inclusion of human rights aspect of the new fields created by scientific, social and technological developments; participation in national and international academic networks within this framework; improvement of pedagogic competence of young academics; organizing seminars, workshops and conferences on human rights education; encouraging and supporting academics to participate in conferences and scientific studies abroad; activities aiming to support local and foreign doctorate and post-doctorate educations

Carrying out Human Rights Activities single-handedly: In relation with the research and education activities being carried out, activities, with the help of non-academic partnerships, aiming to include human rights into Daily life; transferring the experience and knowledge into practice. Within this scope, partnerships formed with bar associations, public institutions, Professional chambers, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions are of capital importance.