Who are we?

In order to improve, strengthen and institutionalize rights based studies in fields such as law, in particular, diplomacy, economy, health care units, medicine, engineering, technology and so on, Research Worldwide İstanbul, with its own resources or national and international collaborations, aims to realize research and training activities.

In line with its objectives, via collaborating with international institutions, public enterprises, local authorities, universities, bar associations, non-governmental organizations, and business world, Research Worldwide İstanbul conducts studies to strengthen human rights research and human rights studies in higher education in a multidisciplinary perspective.

The main areas of work of Research Worldwide İstanbul Human Rights Education and application and, Human Rights related Academic Research. Under these main topics, there are sub-programmes, such as Human Rights Cities, Ageing Studies, Disability Studies, Migration Studies, Gender Equality Studies, Legal Clinic Trainings, Pedagogy Education all of which support rights-based approaches, aimed to better the standard of education at levels of higher education, master’s degree and doctorate studies.

In a similar manner, RWIstanbul does carry out activities in fields of information and Communication Technologies within the scope of Urban Studies, Building Sustainable Cities, Environment and Climate Change Sensitive Urban Planning, Right to Health, Right to Food and Security, Right to Housing and their contributions and issues that they bring with their wake.

Within the same scope, by collaborating with judicial institutions and relevant academic institutions, RWIstanbul does activities in order to contribute to strengthening the judicial sector based upon human rights and the creation of institutional cooperation.

While carrying out the mentioned activities RWI follows no political agenda. All actions are conducted according to international human rights agreements which have the signature of Turkish Republic. As an institution, RWI does not practice favoritism.

As a core principle, RWIstanbul is actively against all sorts of discrimination in the Academy and the activities it carries out to strengthen institutional capacity regarding human rights via academic research and education.

RWIstanbul is financed and consulted by Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law allied with Law Faculty of Lund University, Sweden.