Ph.D. Support Programme

RWI Human Rights Ph.D. Support Programmes is designed for researchers who study for a doctorate in Turkey on subjects related to one or more aspects of human rights.

The overall objective of this programmes is to help better the quality and increase the numbers of these in the field of human rights in Turkey, increase diversity and encourage young academics wanting to study different areas of human rights.

Yet another objective of the programmes, by creating a network amongst young researchers doing their doctorate in the field of human rights is to enable the formation of multidisciplinary research atmosphere.

Within the scope of the programmes, for researchers:
• Short-term need oriented one-to-one programmes are designed
• Seminars aimed to increase the subject related knowledge and experience of the researchers are organized
• One-to-one and/or online expert support is provided
• Method schools are designed and organized
• Travel support is provided to help researchers participate in seminars and conferences
• Appointing private seminar hours, researchers are enabled to receive feedback.

Applications are accepted following an open call in the first month of each year. Candidates of the Ph.D. Support Programme are determined by independent evaluators. A maximum of 5 students is supported each year.