Right to Health Studies

It is estimated that by 2050, more than 68% of the World population will have been living in cities. [1] In the international arena effects of rapid urbanization on health and wellbeing have been realized increasingly. How factors such as urban management, population characteristics, constructed and natural environment, socio-economic developments, health care service management affect urban health either negatively or positively will be discussed more in the years ahead.

Although there are many academic and non-academic studies related to public health and rapid urbanization, there is limited research on urban life and urbanization processes. Research Worldwide İstanbul aims for doing research that studies the effects of urban life on health within the scope of local authorities and sustainable development objectives.

Amongst the objectives of the research:
• to reveal the effects of rapid urbanization in Turkey on fragile groups such as children, disabled and elderly people and how these effects differentiate in different geographic regions and in-city socio-economic distributions.
• To reveal the roles of urban planning and public health perspectives in access to the right to health and lack of information.
• Compensating lack of information towards science, practice and developing intervention technics towards extending the healthy cities approach

[1] WHO, https://www.who.int/topics/urban_health/en/.